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Our History

Since 1987, MSB Industries have been steadily expanding and has become one of the Toronto areas leading companies of small to medium size Plastics Injection Moulds. With 14,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, we are a full-service design, build and run facility, specializing in close tolerance parts.  Our services include Part Design, Mould Design, Mould Manufacturing, Production moulding, and final Part Assembly. Our 5 value added services are all performed and controlled in house to ensure our customer receives the best quality products when working with MSB.


Our Services

Part Design

Our team of Part Designers can engineer your product from a concept drawing, hand sketch, or simply just an idea.   A wealth of experience and knowledge provides our customers with a “design for moulding” approach, simplifying the mould manufacturing process, reducing production cycle times, and ensuring our customers receive the best value in there part design and tooling.

Mould Design

Our experienced engineers are proud of their established track record of meeting customers’ individualized requirements.  Our commitment to latest CAD software ensures our team has the tools needed to work directly with customer-supplied data. Having total control over this process ensures all our customer requirements are met upfront and streamlines all subsequent processes.


MSB’s commitment to the latest and newest machine technologies provides our customer with quality and accuracy needed for today’s high tolerance fast paced demands.  Our investment in CNC grinding, CNC milling, and CNC EDM technologies ensures all requirements are met at this stage of the product realization process.  Attention to detail, “manufacture to print” practices, and premium steel selection result in your mould perfectly crafted to your specifications.

Production Moulding

Our sister company Epcot Plastics takes charge of production. The Moulding department is a 24-hour 5 days per week production facility, with a wide variety of 16 moulding machines that range in size from 30 to 200 tons.  Capabilities range from prototype tooling and material sampling to single/multi-cavity production serving the automotive, food and general consumer markets.  We are ISO 9001 compliant and continue to build upon our reputation for exceptional quality and attention to detail.  Our quality labs strict operating conditions and frequent component inspections strengthen our primary objective of “zero rejects” shipped to our customer.

Part Assembly

Often multiple components require hand assembly or automation to complete the final product, this service is of great value to our customers as we can ship the final assembled product to our customer reducing the need for logistics and sourcing of secondary operations, ultimately saving our customer time and money.




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